Joule Publications

Photobiocatalytic Conversion of CO2 to Drop-in Fuels: A Primer
Dan Robertson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
This paper provides a more detailed overview of Joule’s process, including our ability to channel and improve the efficiencies of photosynthesis for fuel production. View PDF

CO2 – A Catalyst for Change
David St. Angelo, Senior Vice President, Engineering
Cement production is one of the largest industrial emitters of CO2, accountable for up to 5% of global man-made emissions. This article, published by International Cement Review, discusses the advantages of utilizing this CO2 as a feedstock for direct fuel production. View PDF

A New Dawn for Industrial Photosynthesis
Dan Robertson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
Published by Photosynthesis Research, this analysis addresses solar capture and conversion efficiencies and introduces Joule’s unique systems approach, enabled by advances in strain engineering, photobioreactor design, and a process that contradicts prejudicial opinions about the viability of industrial photosynthesis. View PDF