Joule Plants: Heading for Scale

Joule is advancing towards commercial deployment, following more than two years of pilot testing and the initiation of demonstration-scale operations in Hobbs, New Mexico. The catalysts, systems and processes undergoing optimization in Hobbs will form the fully-validated blueprint for future commercial plants, representing an entirely new generation of above-ground fuel wells. At full-scale commercialization, a 10,000 acre Joule plant will represent a reserve value of 50 million barrels of solar-derived fuel, equivalent to a medium-sized oil field.

Joule plants are uniquely characterized by:

  • Suitability for deployment worldwide, including 1,000+ sites that have already been identified
  • Vertically integrated production, from catalyst construction through product collection and finishing
  • Ease of roll-out and expansion, made possible by a scalable, modular production system
  • Co-location with industrial CO2 emitters for value creation from waste streams
  • Ability to make use of arid land for sustainable fuel and chemical production

Hobbs Plant Photo Gallery

Anatomy of a Joule Plant
Joule Plant