How it Works


A typical SolarConverter® array will encompass 1,000 acres, and enable direct, continuous conversion of waste CO2 to specified fuels or chemicals.

SolarConvert Module

Each module of the SolarConverter system contains Joule’s tailored catalysts, non-potable water and micronutrients.

CO2 Waste

Waste CO2 is pumped in from an industrial emitter or pipeline.


The CO2 keeps the catalysts in motion, maximizing their exposure to sunlight to drive photosynthesis. Charged from the sunlight, the catalysts consume the CO2 and continuously produce and secrete the fuel or chemical molecules into the liquid medium.


The medium circulates through a separator that filters the end product, which is sent to a central plant for final separation and storage.

Continuous Process

The process occurs continuously for numerous weeks before the module is flushed and reinoculated on a staggered basis.