Global Opportunities

We are actively partnering to help accelerate our path to market. This includes collaboration with technology partners who can help accelerate product development, and with site partners who can facilitate deployment via access to capital and waste CO2. We are also working with Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies on commercial plant design.

Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Partners

   International OEMs and oil companies seeking strategic investment to drive new or existing business and take a leadership position in sustainability

Why:   Partners have the opportunity to partake in the development stages of a truly industry-changing platform, whether for the production of fuels or chemicals.

Off-Take Partnerships
Off-Take Partners

Who:   Fuel blenders/refiners, fleet owners, railways, airlines

Why:   Partners can diversify their fuel supply with the addition of truly sustainable and cost-competitive fuels that reduce industrial CO2 emissions and readily drop into existing infrastructure.

Government Partnerships
Government Partners

Who:   Governments around the world seeking to bolster energy security and economic growth

Why:   Governments can stabilize fuel supply and costs by localizing production and reducing dependence on imports. Additionally, the deployment of Joule plants directly translates to creation of local jobs and economic growth.

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