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For Biofuel Production, CO2 is the Feedstock to Watch

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Read more

Innovation sputters? We respectfully disagree.

A response to “Innovation Sputters in Battle Against Climate Change,” published by the New York Times, July 21, 2015. Read more

The Road to Paris: Paved with Opportunity

This week world leaders are convening in Paris to discuss decisive actions on climate change, and Joule is proud to be among them. Read more

Joule's process can't be categorized within the scope of the WRI report

Joule’s process can’t be categorized within the scope of the WRI report  Read more

Dropping In On Drop-In Fuels: Why Blend Percentage Matters

“Drop-in” is a term commonly used to describe fuels that are compatible with existing engines and fuel infrastructure, meaning that no significant modification is required for their use. They simply “drop in” to the existing fuel pool. Read more

Conquering Contamination

At the recently-held Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) Annual Meeting, Joule presented the results of our systems-based approach to increasing photosynthetic efficiency. Read more

Joule's Take on Photobioreactor Design: Anything But Ordinary

Joule’s SolarConverter® system is no ordinary photobioreactor. Read more

The 95% Carbon Switch

Think of Joule’s catalyst as a single-cell fuel factory. In order for this factory to be highly productive, it must divert nearly all of its energy away from growth and into fuel production. Read more
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